Dear Friends of Saint Raphael,

We warmly want to welcome you to our Website.

We are a christian-ecumenical House Community, which exists since 1982.
RaphaelsMusik ® developed its expression from our communal experience.
It serves us in worshipping God, raising Awareness and the healing communication with all beings.

Through meditation, music and serving our fellowmen we experience the love of God.

Grace and blessings!

Susanne, Manuela und Willibald
(on behalf of the House Community St.Raphael)

Just say the word
CD (2009)

Art-No.: MGR004
Price: 17,00€

1. Door to eternity (Instrumental)
2. Just say the word
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3. God is love
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4. My home is your divine love
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5. Your love is my heaven
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6. Oh tell me Lord (Instrumental)
7. Thy heaven is on earth (Instrumental)

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